Let's play a game!

We don't have time...

I don't know how to play...

It's too complicated...

Sound familiar?

We wanted to play board games and card games.

Often we didn't end up playing games.

As a family we sat down and had a chat about what to do.

We needed games that were fast, easy to play and fun.

Games that we could quickly pick up and play with family and friends of all ages from all over the world.

Games that are easy to play whilst travelling.

Easy, right?

There must be games out there that are what we are looking for.

We did some research and ordered some games.

Within a week we had a pile of games to try out.

Some were better than others but none were what we were looking for.

What now?

Let's make a card game.

Awesome! How do we do that?

And that is how it all started.

Fast forward through months and months of brainstorming, testing and development... Numba!

A card game which is fast, easy to play and, most importantly, fun!

We hope that you enjoy playing Numba as much as we do.

Max, Jin and Edwin