How To Play Numba

2-5 Players

Ages 4+

15 Minutes Playing Time



Set Up

Shuffle then randomly pick a number card.

This is the Numba card for this game.

Place the Numba card face up in the middle.

Shuffle then deal out all the game cards face down one at a time to each player.

Each player has a pile of face down cards.

From the remaining number cards each player picks a card, the player with the highest number goes first.





Take turns going clockwise.

On your go, turn over your top card and place it face up.

Make your own pile of face up cards, only the top card is in play.

If the total number of the same kind across the face up cards of all players equals the Numba card, shout Numba!

The first player to shout Numba collects all the piles of face up cards and adds them to the bottom of their pile of face down cards. This player turns over their top card to continue play.

Collect all the cards to win the game.





When turning over cards, lift the edge furthest away from you.

If you shout Numba and the total number is not the same as the Numba card, then going clockwise give each player one of your face down cards.

If two or more players shout Numba at the same time then those players each randomly pick a number card, the player with the highest number collects the cards.

If you run out of face down cards you are out of the game.

If there are three or more players, when two players are left in the game the first player to correctly shout Numba collects all the cards and wins the game. If a player incorrectly shouts Numba they lose all their cards and lose the game.